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In order to limit virus exposure to our customers and our employees, we are asking customers to contact us by phone or email to start, stop, or change service.


At this time, garbage and recycle service is running as usual and on time.

Hardin knows how important it is to keep the trash off the streets and we will use every resource available to deliver on our commitments. This website will be updated as service levels change.

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Serving Ada County, Idaho

Roll-Off Containers

Hardin Sanitation roll-off service is available to residents and businesses in Ada County.

Business, commercial and industrial customers with bulky, non-compactable wastes such as paper, sawdust, wooden crates and many other materials are effectively serviced by Hardin Sanitation roll-off container systems. These containers are also useful for construction sites, including residences with a large amount of demolition and construction-related debris (remodeling).

The high-capacity steel boxes used in this waste collection system can be hand-fed with large 7-foot rear doors that will accommodate fork lifts for depositing extremely bulky or heavy materials. Full roll-off containers can be hauled and returned or replaced with an empty one by Hardin Sanitation on a predetermined schedule or on an as needed basis.

Roll-off container designs are available as open-top units, closed compaction units and skid-mounted tank or vacuum units. A variety of other heavy-duty services are also available for customers that generate large volumes of waste.

Roll-Off Container Sizes:

Size Height
20 yard – Open Top 3’ – 5’ 8’ 22’
30 yard - Open Top 6'
8' 22'
40 yard – Open top 7’ – 8’ 8’ 22’

Acceptable Items for Roll-Off Containers:

  • Furniture
  • Large appliances (no CFCs)
  • Remodeling materials
  • Non-hazardous construction debris
  • Steel products
  • Tires (charged per tire)
  • Trash
  • Tree limbs

Not Acceptable items for Roll-Off Containers:

  • Dead Animals
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Medical Waste
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