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Proudly serving Southwestern Idaho for over half a century, Hardin Sanitation provides residents with reliable garbage removal and recycling services in the City of Eagle.

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City of Eagle Recycling Guide: Click Here


Hardin Sanitation subscribers pay quarterly for services. Our customers can expect their payments to be due on the following dates.

Quarter Billed On Payment Due
Jan - Feb - Mar Jan 1st Jan 20th
Apr - May - Jun Apr 1st Apr 20th
Jul - Aug - Sep Jul 1st Jul 20th
Oct - Nov - Dec Oct 1st
Oct 20th


Hardin Sanitation makes it easy to pay your Eagle, Idaho trash and recycling bills. You can:

Pay securely online with your American Express, MasterCard or Visa here.

Online Bill Pay

Mail your payment to:

Hardin Sanitation
1854 E Lanark St
Meridian, ID 83642

Pay by phone at 208-642-2629, Monday to Friday, during normal business hours

*Please include your Hardin Sanitation account number in the check reference line for faster payment processing.


Size Holds Approximately Height Width Lid Colors
(cart body is blue)
35 Gallon Cart 3-4 bags of trash 38.2" 22.8" Blue lid – Garbage
Orange lid – Recycling
Green lid – Yard Debris
65 Gallon Cart 5-6 bags of trash 41.75" 25"
95 Gallon Cart 7-8 bags of trash 44.25" 28"


  • All waste must be contained within a Hardin Sanitation cart, per Ada County ordinance 938. Click here for more.
  • Bag all trash to prevent scattered debris
  • Set out carts by 6:00 a.m. with lids closed
  • Please do not block sidewalks or driveways
  • All containers must be removed from the street within 24–hours of service

Holiday Schedule

Weekly residential waste is collected Monday — Friday.

Please have your container pulled to the curb by 6:00 a.m. on collection day. Leave at least 3 feet of space on either side of the container.


Hardin Sanitation provides appliance, furniture, and other large item collection for an additional fee. Bulky item collection must be re-arranged by contacting our office to schedule pick-up. Item must be curbside and visible to the driver.

Extra items left outside your container will not be collected unless we’ve set up a special pick-up. Click here to contact us.

Please place carts 3 feet away from each other and any other objects (cars, mailboxes, trees, etc.) Also keep 18 feet clearance above carts.

Acceptable Materials

  • Food
  • Miscellaneous garbage
  • Normal household waste materials
  • Paper

Unacceptable Materials

  • Animal carcasses
  • Asbestos
  • Ashes (hot or cold)
  • Batteries
  • Chemicals
  • Electronics
  • Hazardous waste, liquids, paints, oils
  • Medical waste
  • Tires
  • White goods containing CFC’s (appliances)


Recycling Cart

Recycling pick-up occurs on your trash day, every other week.

In addition to your standard no-sort recycling cart (with the orange lid) Eagle residents can also take part in the Hefty Orange Energy Bag Program.

This program is optional; if you choose to participate:

  • Collect the items listed below
  • Tie the Orange Hefty Energy Bags
  • Place them in your recycle cart. 

Click here for more information on the Energy Bags.

How to Sort Recyclables

Hardin Sanitation Recycling Cart - with the orange lid cart

Please ensure the following items are EMPTY, RINSED, DRY and collected loose in the cart - no bagging needed:

  • Cardboard boxes (broken down to fit in cart)
  • Cracker & cereal boxes (no liners please)
  • Envelopes (windowed envelopes ok)
  • Office waste paper (any color)
  • Magazines, catalogs, and junk mail
  • Computer & fax paper
  • Phonebooks & Newspapers
  • Paper bags
  • Plastic bottles & milk jugs - #1 & #2 ONLY please
  • Aluminum, steel, tin, and empty aerosol cans (labels are okay)

CLICK HERE for a printable Recycling Guide

Hefty Orange Energy Bag Program

Hefty Bag Energy logo

For more on how this program works and where to buy EnergyBags, click here.

  • Please tie Orange Energy Bags and place them in your recycling cart
  • Orange Energy Bags should be the only plastic bags in your Hardin Sanitation Recycling cart(s).

This program is optional. If you do not participate, please place the following items in the trash:

  • Plastics with #4-#7 
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic caps and lids
  • Dairy tubs
  • Plastic flatware
  • Plastic packaging
  • Plastic cups (no #1)
  • Chip and candy wrappers 
  • Plastic pouches
  • Straws
  • Foam
  • Shrinkwrap
  • Air packs
  • Plastic Tubes
  • Deodorant tubes.

Please Do Not Recycle these items in either Recycling Cart or Energy Bag:

  • Lightweight plastic water bottles
  • Soft or flimsy plastics
  • Food waste
  • Yard waste
  • Glass
  • Hazardous waste or Medical waste  
  • Food contaminated paper (pizza boxes, plates, napkins coffee cups)
  • Wax coated cardboard
  • Milk & juice paper cartons
  • Tissues, napkins, and paper towels

Additional Services


Glass and empty plastic squishy bottledrop off site is located in the parking lot of City Hall (660 E. Civic Lane, Eagle).

It is free of charge. Please only place glass bottles and jars in the glass recycling container and only empty plastic squishy waterbottles in the plastic bottle container.

Please NO:

Mirrors, windows, Pyrex, dishes, tanks, lights, or ceramics.
Cardboard, bags, lids, corks, and garbage are  not allowed at this free community recycling site.

*Glass cannot go in the orange lid recycling carts because it breaks and creates a hazard for the sorting staff at the recycling center. Glass can also go in your trash cart, but please make sure it’s safely bagged.

Extra Trash

For a small monthly fee, we offer additional carts for curbside collection alongside your existing Trash, Recycling, and/or Yard Debris containers. For occasional extra waste volume, we will collect a maximum of 10 extra bags of trash set out on your scheduled service day, for an additional fee.  Please contact us to request extra cart(s).

Unlimited Trash Collection Weeks

Available for all City of Eagle residents:

  • During Spring Clean-Up, which occurs the first full week of April

Free pick-up of bulky items and non-Freon appliances is available during Spring Clean-Up, but you must call to schedule service: (208) 642-2629

Yard Debris Collection

Hardin Sanitation offers Yard Debris service by subscription. Residents can opt-in to the program for an additional fee. Call Hardin Sanitation at (208) 642-2629 to start service.

Fall Leaf Collection

Leaves will be collected for recycling during the weeks of October 16th - November 10th.

  • Leaves must be contained in large compostable paper leaf bags that will be collected on the same day as your trash. 
    *Leaves in plastic bags cannot be composted and will instead be collected as extra trash, incurring additional fees. (see Extra Trash)  
  • Leaves will be ground and used as a soil amendment.

Curbside Christmas Tree Collection

Christmas trees are collected curbside and recycled the first full week after Christmas and the first full week in January.

  • Please cut trees and branches into 4 ft. pieces and place curbside on your collection day.
  • Trees must be stripped of all lights, ornaments, tinsel, and stands. Flocked trees will not be recycled. This service is for natural (non-plastic) trees only. 

Carry-Out Service

Customers who qualify under the American with Disabilities Act may receive free carry-out service. Other customers may sign up for carry-out service for an extra monthly charge.

Household Hazardous Waste

The City of Eagle provides Household Hazardous Waste Collection for Eagle residents quarterly on the second Wednesday of January, April, July, and October.

Collection takes place at the West Eagle Park and Ride:

1890 W State St, Eagle, ID 83616

Noon – 7:00 p.m.

Items Collected:

Acceptable materials include; solvents, pesticides/herbicides, paint/stain/varnish, batteries, automotive products (including gasoline and oil), yard/garden products, fluorescent light tubes, and much more. Materials that will not be accepted include; explosives, ammunition, radioactive items, and biomedical waste (i.e. sharps/needles).

For more details on this program, visit: https://www.cityofboise.org/departments/public-works/curb-it/hhw/

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