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Roll-Off Containers

Hardin Sanitation roll-off containers are serviced for commercial, business, and industrial customers with bulky, non-compactable wastes like wooden crates, sawdust, paper, and many other commercial waste products. Our roll-off containers are also helpful for onsite demolition, renovation, and/or construction sites with large amounts of construction-related debris.

These high-capacity roll-off steel boxes can be hand-fed through the 7–foot rear doors — plenty of room for a forklift to deposit very bulky or heavy materials. When the roll-off is full, Hardin Sanitation will haul it away and return an empty container in its place. We can do this as needed or on a schedule.

Roll-off designs include open-top units, skid-mounted tanks, closed-compaction units, or vacuum units. Hardin Sanitation offers a variety of heavy-duty services for large waste volume clients.

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Roll-off container
Sizes/Capacity: Height
20 yard – Open Top 3’ – 5’ 8’ 22’
30 yard – Open Top 5’ – 6’ 7.5’ – 8’ 22’
40 yard – Open top 7’ – 8’ 8’ 22’

Roll-off container

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